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Who is Michael Federic Donatich?

I'm a Professional Surrogate Partner. Like the role of a therapist, a Surrogate Partner is both a friend and a mentor, with clear professional boundaries. The boundaries are different, though, and change over time.

I’m not a therapist, I work with therapists. Along with my training from I.P.S.A., I have a BA with a concentration in Queer Studies from Sarah Lawrence College, which comes in handy when helping Queer clients get in touch with their roots. 


Michael Federic Donatich

Professional Surrogate Partner

About me

I was raised outside New York City, where I earned my degree at Sarah Lawrence College, one of the few universities in the US to offer Queer Studies as a concentration. I completed training as a Surrogate Partner in California, which offered me the opportunity of a direct ongoing mentorship from the head of IPSA (the International Professional Surrogate Association.) I am one of the few gay men trained in this specialty, worldwide.

Recently I relocated from the US to The Netherlands for the explicit purpose of working with - and bringing together - queer people on an international scale. My approach to work is largely community-based: identifying the common issues that plague gay men and uncovering solutions within our shared experiences and unity. ‘Alone, we survived. Together, we thrive.’ is a sentiment close to my heart. I currently resides in Scheveningen with my partner and our very handsome dog.

Contact details

Let me know if you have any further questions or want to work with me.

T. +31 616245420

E. Michael.federic@gmail.com

Gay Men Coaching is an initiative of René Luisman Training & Coaching. I am affiliated with the Dutch Association of Professional Trainers (NOBTRA) and the Gay Coaches Alliance.


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