Body & mind workshops

For many gay men it’s hard to build up real connections with other men. The way they interact with other men, in real life and online, can feel shallow and unsatisfying.


Are you longing for a deeper connection with yourself and others around you? Do you wish for a connected, healthy and balanced life? Do you want to improve the relationship with your body and mind? Then this might be the group for you.

What do we offer?

January & February 2021 we will come together on three Sunday afternoons. During these sessions Serge, an experienced yoga teacher, will teach you practical yoga and meditation exercises to increase your body awareness. Under the guidance of René, professional trainer and coach, we share experiences of what it’s like to be gay these days. And you will get new insights on how to build up more self-acceptance. 


What does this program bring you?

Every workshop is based on a polarity. You will learn to connect with yourself and other gay men in a safe space built on high levels of trust. The unique approach is accessible, engaging and practical. You can sign up for a single session or go for the full package. 

Workshop 31 January | Distance and presence

How do you deal with presence and distance in times of social distancing? For many gay men the longing for intimacy nowadays might be more relevant than ever. During this workshop you explore how you can connect with yourself and others in this challenging time. The yoga will be a Hatha practice.  



Workshop 7 February | Safe and fear

Many gay men are longing for a deeper connection with other men. Fear is holding them back from making a real connection. In this workshop you explore how you can create your safe space from where you can connect. The yoga will be a Yin practice.



Workshop 14 February | Light and shadow

Which characteristics of yourself do you easily show? And which do you rather hide from others? Due to shame and fear many gay men learned along the way to conform to expectations of others. In this workshop you explore how this affects the way you look at yourself. The yoga will be a Yin/Yang practice. 


What you'll experience:

  • 4 hours live facilitated sessions in Amsterdam (including yoga, mindfulness and practical communication exercises) 

  • Authentic connection with other gay men

  • Access to online yoga classes to inspire you, motivate you to practice, and embed new behaviors

  • A group of maximum 12 men where your individual needs will be considered 

  • All workshops will be in English

Note: We follow the RIVM Covid-19 safety measures as they stand at the time that these event happen. In case an event can't happen, we will offer you a full refund.


31 January, 7 & 14 February 2021
Between 14 and 18 o’clock


Delight Yoga
Weteringschans 53, 1017 RW in Amsterdam 


Regular price 

€ 89 per session (incl. 1 month online yoga)

€ 249 for three sessions (incl. 3 months online yoga)


Early bird tickets (until 15th of January)

€ 75 per session (incl. 1 month online yoga)

€ 199 for three sessions (incl. 3 months online yoga)

Get your tickets today:

You can sign up for a single session or go for the full package (combo ticket)