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Finding your place in life is often quite a challenge. Especially for gay men who throughout their lives have always adapted to conform to their environment. As a trainer & coach I help my clients in their personal and professional development.

Sometimes the fear of rejection stops us from making real connections.

Gay men are often associated with a flamboyant and free lifestyle. Yet there is also another side. Many gay men have a hard time accepting themselves. They feel they don't belong or they unconsciously adapt to others. 


The underlying patterns usually arise in your childhood. In the period when you could not be open about your sexuality. And where you have learned to live with that part of yourself on which the outside world may have a judgment.

Why coaching for gay men?

It can therefore be difficult to show yourself even many years after your coming out. To speak up, to show your vulnerability and to really connect with others. 


Do you recognize this? Then know that you can learn how to accept yourself. It helps if you can lean on the experiences and stories of other men. Welcome to Gay Men Coaching.


How does coaching help?

As a life coach, I help you to design a meaningful future for yourself. My job is to make you boost your clarity about who you are, what you want, and why.


Together, we'll explore any existential and practical questions in an open and non-judgemental way. And I support you to implement these insights in your daily life.

Services I offer:

  • Individual coaching sessions (online & offline)

  • Gay men circle (eight gatherings)

  • Workshops and events 

Goals and topics I regularly work on with clients:

  • Career planning and transitioning

  • Assertiveness and managing your emotions

  • Coping with anxiety and insecurity

  • Appreciating who you are versus who others want you to be

  • What qualities and values are essential to you, and why?

  • Creating self-trust, and finding evidence that you're good enough

  • Creating stronger connections with yourself and others around you

  • Living authentically as part of the LGBT community

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Gay Men Coaching is an initiative of René Luisman Training & Coaching. I am affiliated with the Dutch Association of Professional Trainers (NOBTRA) and the Gay Coaches Alliance.


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