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Find your place in life

Gay men are often associated with a flamboyant and free lifestyle. Yet there is also another side. A continuous pressure to meet expectations of others and of yourself.


Many gay men go through a period in their lives when they couldn't be open about their sexuality. During that period you develop ways to live with that part of yourself on which the outside world has a judgment. You adapt, you suppress certain feelings and emotions or you believe that part of you is not welcome.


And it is precisely those ways that can now stand in the way of living freely and fully. Behavior that once protected you can disrupt your relationship with yourself and others in your adult life. As a coach I help you to recognize and break through non-functional patterns.

It's time to accept who you are

When you find out that you are different sometimes you create a mask to protect yourselve. You adapt effortlessly or keep certain parts of yourself hidden. Or you set high standards for yourself and only show up when you know that the chance of rejection is minimal. Playing a role takes a lot of energy and often makes you lonely. But as long as you reject a part of yourself, you can never rest completely in contact with the other. Find yourself a place where you will be seen for who you are, not for what you do or how you behave.

Individual coaching
Your issue is central to the 1 on 1 guidance. Think of themes such as more confidence in yourself, allowing and expressing your feelings, dealing with (self) stigma, opening up to intimacy, dealing with shame and fear.
How to touch & be touched
In this two day intensive workshop, a small group of gay men will gather for support, sharing, and learning tools that will aid in a better self-knowledge of the needs, expectations and boundaries that make up healthy intimacy.
Growing up as a gay boy is not easy. Dealing with emotional issues as an adult is not easy. In these articles we share our insights and tools to make your daily life easier.

Download the free online magazine

The coming out seems to be the moment when you can show your true self. But what is the impact on your adult life if you excluded certain parts of yourself during your childhood? In this magazine I share four keys to strengthening your authentic self.

Do you know me? And who do you know than?

Authenticity has played an important role in my own development from an early age. Growing up in a strict Christian family I missed a male role model. A man who taught me how to stand up and be myself.

My beliefs about homosexuality and masculinity made it difficult for me to accept certain sides of myself. I continuously adapted myself until I no longer knew who René actually was.


René Luisman, trainer & coach

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